Campsite rules and regulations


(Arrêté en date du 06-07-2010)

40 pitches


760 Sentier des Douaniers




To enter the campsite or settle on it, you have first to be allowed to by the reception and respect the rules.

The manager must maintain order and must make sure the present rules are respected

By staying on the campsite,you agree to the present rules and you agree to abide by them.

Pets : We accept category 3 dogs. Categories 1 and 2 dogs are strictly forbidden, as well as certain big dogs. Pets like ferrets, rodents, reptiles, saurians and rabbits are not allowed.



Any person wishing to stay at least one night will have to produce his identity papers and carry out police formalities.

Minors without their parents or guardians will not be allowed in the campsites (special dispensation possible if the parents are nearby)



Caravan, tents and any extra material relating to it must be set up at the designated area as given by the manager or his/her representative. Caravans and bungalows must be set on a mobile position at all times.




RECEPTION: Open from 8am to 12pm

and from 3pm to 7pm

We are open every day of the week, please respect the reception opening hours. In case of emergency during closing time, you can:

  • phone us (phone number displayed outside the reception and at the campsite entrance)

  • ring th bell at the entrance of the campsite

You will find at the reception all information about the campsite facilities and services, lnformation about shops, sport services, what to see and visit in the area and many useful addresses..

A complaint book is at your disposal at the reception. Complaints will only be taken into account if signed, dated, as accurate as possible and regarding facts which happened recently.


5°) FEES

Fees are paid at the reception. They are available at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception. They are calculated according to the number of nights spent at the campsite.

Rented accomodation: the fee is to be paid on the day of arrival.

Pitch: the fee is to be paid partly on the day of arrival and the balance the day before departure

Campsite users are expected to inform the reception of their departure date the day before it is set.

Campers planning to leave before the opening hour of the reception must pay their fees the day before their departure.



Campsite users are asked to avoid any noise and talks that might cause disturbance to their neighbours and should pay extra attention to their noise level when using the shower and toilet block after 10pm.

Any sound equipment must not be heard beyond the boundaries of the pitch.

The closing of car doors and trunk must be as discreet as possible.

Dogs and other pets must always be with collars. They must never be left alone at the campsite even if locked, when their owners go out . Pet ownersI are legally responsible for their pets and must present a valid health certificate.

From 11pm to 8am we require complete silence and consideration for your fellow campers.



It was installed to improve security for users and control access to the site.

  • It works from 7am to 11pm with a swipe card. After 11pm, you must park outside and use the smaller coded gate. The code is striictly personal.

  • The swipe card is strictly personal. It will be handed to the camper in exchange for a 20€ deposit.

  • Any material damage will be at the expense of those responsible

  • Children are strictly forbidden to play near the automatic gate or the small coded gate.



Visitors will only be allowed in the campsite if the manager agrees. They must abide by the present campsite rules.

The campsite user who hosts them has to pay a fee, as the visitor has access or not to the campsite services and facilities. The visitor fee is on display at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception. Visitors' car are stricltly forbidden to park or stay in the campsite.

Minor visitors must be declared by their host provided the host is a fellow camper (pitch or rented accomodation). The breaking of this rule will cause sine die the eviction of the host.

Door-to-door salesman and street peddlers are stricly forbidden in the campsite.



No vehicle must exceed 10km/h or 6mph when driving through the campsite ground.

Car Traffic forbidden between 11pm and 7am.

Only cars belonging to the campsite users are allowed in the campsite. One car per pitch or rented accomodation only.

Parking is forbidden on the pitches and must not prevent or cause problem to the settling in of new campers or the general flow of others' driving.



It is forbidden to damage the campsite in any way and you must keep the campground clean.

The campsite’s physical appearance must not be altered in any way.

It is forbidden to throw away used waters on the ground or in the gutters .

Campers in caravans must throw away the waste waters in the right containers as designated by the campsite.

Trashes must be deposited in the right containers -located outside the campsite- in accordance with recycling.

The toilet block and wash facilities must be left clean and tidy after use.

Only wash cooking utensils/equipment in the designated area -toilet and shower block- and in the designated basins.

Also never hang up washing by nailing or placing wire or rope around a tree, as it will cause damage. 

It is forbidden for campers to damage the vegetation on site in any way.

It is forbidden to nail a tree, cut branches or plant anyhting.

It is strictly forbidden to mark out the boundaries of the pitch by any personal means (heather, split cane…), to dig holes in the ground or to damage the vegetation or fencing.

Any damage caused to the vegetation, fencing, ground or facilities of the campsite shall be at the expense of those responsible

During your stay, please make sure you keep your campsite in as good as condition than when you first found it.

Car wash, cleaning windsurf board or boat are not allowed.




a) Fire

Open fires and barbecue s are STRICTLY forbidden by law decree. Stoves must be in good working order and must not be used inside a tent or nearby a car.

In the event of a fire, n o t ify a member of staff immediately. Powderfire extinguisher are located all over the campground. First aid kit is available at reception.

Powderfire extinguisher cannot be used for personnal use.


b) Theft

The campsite management team is responsible for the valuable left at the reception office and is responsible for maintaining good order and for keeping watch. Campers are responsible for their own pitch/valuables during their stay & must notify a member of staff of any suspicious person.

Although, care taking is provided, it is up to the client to take any precautionary measures to protect his equipment. The campsite cannot be held responsible neither sued by the campers in case of theft or damage.


12°) GAMES

No disturbing games are allowed nearby fthe campsite facilities.

Playing balls and cycling are not allowed within the campsite.

Children must be under their parents or guardians'care and surveillance at all times.



No equipment can be left at the campsite unless there has been a previous agreement with the campsite Director. The equipment will be set where assigned by the manager and only for a short period of time.The campsite will take no responsibility if the stored equipment is stolen or damaged during the owner's leave of absence. The fees for stored equipment will be paid in advance.



The present Rules and Regulations are on display at the campsite entrance and at the reception. Copies can be handed to the camper if required.



The campsite director is in charge of maintaining order, it is his duty to put an end to any infringements to the camp site rules and policy and, if necessary, to evict the troublemakers.

Persons continually causing a nuisance to others will be evicted from the site without a refund. Violation of any campsite rules is ground for eviction. Any criminal offenses will be reported to the police.




1) For tents and caravans pitches: in July and August pitches are available from 11am on the day of arrival and must be vacated before 11am on the day of departure. In case of departure after the required time, an additional day shall be invoiced. The other months, pitches are available during the reception opening time.

2) Rented accomodations (bungalows and bengalis) are available from 3pm to 7pm on the day of the arrival, and must be vacated from 8am to 10am.

4) In July and August rentals are from Saturday to Saturday.

5) You can pay by Visa card, cash and in case of a booked stay by transfer. 

Camping du Pin de Galle

760 Sentier des Douaniers

83220 Le Pradet - FRANCE
Téléphone : 06 03 38 71 92


Accueil/Réception :

de 8h à 12h et 15h à 19h

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